Civil Litigation in Massachusetts

Attorney Justin Kelsey has successfully resolved numerous civil disputes in Massachusetts both through settlement and trial. Attorney Matthew Trask has practiced as a civil litigator in both New York and Massachusetts, leaving his Manhattan office to return to his Massachusetts roots in 2008. Today, Matthew combines his Marine Corps and legal experiences to provide strategic solutions and forceful advocacy to clients through careful planning, analysis, and attention to detail. Together, at Kelsey & Trask we have the experience to settle or litigate your case, whichever is necessary to reach the appropriate resolution.

What is Civil Litigation?

Civil Litigation refers to the area of the legal practice that involves a lawsuit in civil court (not criminal court) between at least two parties, in which one party is seeking money damages or specific performance from the other party. Civil Litigation can be resolved through settlement, mediation, arbitration, or a trial. There are as many areas of Civil Litigation as there are things people can fight over. We have provided in these pages further information relating to the most common areas of Civil Litigation. To learn more go directly to the following pages:


What is Small Claims Court?

What is the Filing Fee for a Small Claim?

How is Small Claims Court Different from District Court?

Do I Need an Attorney in Small Claims Court?


What is Business Litigation?

Why does my business need a lawyer?

What do I do if my business is being sued?

How can I collect the money my business is owed?


Do I need a lawyer to form my business?

Is there a risk to my assets because I am starting a business?


Do I need a lawyer to buy or sell my house?

What is "specific performance"?

What happens when a Real Estate deal goes bad?

How can I avoid foreclosure?


What do I do if I've been involved in an accident?

Click here to learn more about Business Litigation.



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